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Armed Guarding & Unarmed Guarding

  • TMG has a work force more than 100 guards in armed and unarmed guarding servicing clients from privates as well as government sector. Our guards are well trained to carry out their duties to the expectation of our client.

Cash & Valuables In Transit (CIT)

  • Our highly skilled CIT team comprises of a driver and few licensed armed crews. They are are well trained to carry out their duties in all circumstances and they are all vetted by the Royal Police Of Malaysia
  • Our vehicles are all bullet resistant which can withstand even shotgun (of 12 & 16 bores) at close range. It is also equipped with shatter proofed windscreen, GPS monitoring and a VHF communication linked to our TMG’s 24 hours control center
  • All our transported goods are packed in proper sealed conditions and all transportation procedures are carried out according to our strict standard operating procedures.
  • Our 24-hours control center also provides a strong, reliable and secured vault for overnight storage of valuables not delivered.

Secure Logistics Vaulting  

  • We have a state of art vault with 24 hours armed personnel, CCTV and secured locations. This will ensure our clients valuable are safe from possible treats.

Escort Services

  • We provide armed escort personnel vehicles to protect your valuables during logistics


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About TMG

Touch MobileGuards is a professional security solutions provider. We provide security and risk management together with armed security services for our clients.


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    Pusat Teknologi Sunsuria,
    PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
    47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Phone: +603-6148 2190
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